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  • Cinelli Volee Bar Tape
  • Cinelli Volee Bar Tape
  • Cinelli Volee Bar Tape
  • Cinelli Volee Bar Tape

Cinelli Volee Bar Tape


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Cinelli - Italian classic bicycle brand, a combination of craftsmanship and art.Read more »
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Mike Giant Gold

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Cinelli - Italian classic bicycle brand, a combination of craftsmanship and art.
Mike Giant Volee Ribbon Bar Tape  
Velvet-textured Cinelli tape has been used for this unique Mike Giant edition bar tape. The artwork, executed exclusively for our use in this product, is Mike Giant’s San Franciscan interpretation of vintage tattoo symbols. Good feeling, extraordinary comfort, resistant pattern. 
Pure Mike Giant design.
Music Volee Ribbon Bar Tape
Design in homage to the iconic guitar strap of one of the greatest blues guitarists of all time Stevie Ray Vaughan. 
Tennis style tape for comfort like leather, shock absorbing and firm grip.

About Cinelli
Cinelli is one of the most recognized trades in over the world as a manufacturer of bicycles and components. It was founded in 1948 by Cino Cinelli (1916-2001), a professional road racer and president of the Italian Cyclist Association.
Cinelli is based in Milan, centre of the Italian cycling industry. And it production is estimated at 80 percent components, 20 percent bicycles. Cinelli recently teamed up with San Francisco to create the popular "Cinelli MASH" frames and components, wich are used in fixed gear world.
  • Includes: caps and finishing tape. 
  • Surface: leather-like 
  • Material: Plastic 

  1. Put the two C RIBBON pieces around the brake lever sleeves.
  2. Wrap the ribbon around one end of the handlebar giving it a complete turn inward and letting it stick out by a few mm.
  3. While stretching slightly, continue coiling the ribbon, wrapping it over the ribbon already applied. Cut excess ribbon and affix with adhesive tape.
  4. Set the cap in position and repeat the process on the other end of the handlebar.

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