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  • Shimano OT-RS900 Shifter Cable Housing for Rear Derailleur

Shimano OT-RS900 Shifter Cable Housing for Rear Derailleur


USD$ 1.00

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The SHIMANO RS900 Shift Outer Casing helps ensure smooth shifting action of the rear derailleur thanks to its superior construction and materials.Read more »
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Black, 240mm

USD $1.00
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The Dura Ace rear derailleur RD-R9100 must be mounted on the bike with the special OT-RS900 outer case.
The radius of the curved train laid from the frame to the RD-R9100 derailleur becomes smaller compared to the radii generated with other derailleurs. The frequently used OT-SP41 outer shell is too stiff for such a small radius, so that technical problems in the cable adjusting screw and swift mounting and dismounting of the rear wheel can be hindered. By using the OT-RS900, such problems can be prevented, since the OT-RS900 has a lower rigidity.
The OT-RS900 should only be used on the rear derailleur side and not on the shift / brake handle side. The length of the OT-RS900 should be adjusted according to the bicycle frame size for optimum performance. When setting the length, the OT-RS900 should not be cut through at the flame-treated end. This flame-treated end is inserted into the derailleur / derailleur adjustment screw and should therefore remain there.
About Shimano
Shimano are the world's most well known cycle component brand. Established in 1921 when the first cycle freewheel was forged. Shimano produce drivetrains, wheels, pedals, shoes, cycling clothing and pretty much every Shimano cycle accessory you can think of! Famous for their top end products ridden by the pro's, Dura-Ace and XTR, which cover both road and MTB's. At Shimano, they're doing everything they can to respond to heightened environmental concerns. Shimano are proud to be a producer of bicycle components that help people to enjoy outdoor sports and interact with nature through healthy non-polluting activities. In their 87 plus years of existence Shimano have accumulated a wealth of technology and product development and expertise that serves as the driving force behind their continually evolving product line.
  • Series: Dura-Ace R9100
  • Diameter: 4mm
  • Length: 240mm
  • Recommended Cable Diameter: 1.2mm
  • pre-lubricated with special silicone grease to ensure smooth shifting

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