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  • Michelin Pro 4 Endurance Clincher Folding Road Tyre
  • Michelin Pro 4 Endurance Clincher Folding Road Tyre
  • Michelin Pro 4 Endurance Clincher Folding Road Tyre
  • Michelin Pro 4 Endurance Clincher Folding Road Tyre
  • Michelin Pro 4 Endurance Clincher Folding Road Tyre

Michelin Pro 4 Endurance Clincher Folding Road Tyre


USD$ 35.00

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For cyclists who are looking for endurance, bead-to-bead protection and long life from their tyre. The Pro4 Endurance Folding Road Tyre offers you all-round protection, lower rolling resistance and superior wear and tear with excellent grip.Read more »
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Black, 700x23c, Folding
In Stock

USD $35.00
Black/Grey, 700x23c, Folding - OE Packing

USD $35.00
Black/Grey, 700x23c, Folding
In Stock

USD $35.00
Black, 700x25c, Foldig
In Stock

USD $35.00
Black/Grey, 700x25c, Folding
In Stock

USD $35.00
Black, 700x28c, Foldig
In Stock

USD $35.00
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For cyclists who are looking for endurance, bead-to-bead protection and long life from their tyre. The Pro4 Endurance Folding Road Tyre offers you all-round protection, lower rolling resistance and superior wear and tear with excellent grip.
Technical solutions: - Specific bi compounds tread, developed to ensure an unbelievable wear resistance, and yet grip on the angle. Combination of the reliable 110 TPI carcass fabric, and bead-to-bead breaker ensure a great resistance to road hazards and also from cuts and wear.

HD Protection Bead2Bead
The HD Protection Bead2Bead technology consists of a High Density crossed fibre reinforcement which protects the full casing of the tyre. The crown as well as the sidewall of the tyre are strengthened to assure maximum of protection and longevity. Michelin tyres benefiting from the technology HD Protection Bead2Bead are particularly adapted to demanding cyclist that is in search of the best compromise in puncture protection, longevity and weight.
Bi Compound
The Technology Bi-compound, has two different rubber compounds within the tread area. The rubber compound in the centre of the tread assures the optimal transmission of torque, that traction when pedaling or when braking. These rubber compounds are designed and optimised to increase resistance to wear, but also help braking safely on wet ground.
The rubber compound at the shoulder area of the tread brings maximum performance and safety when leaning into a curve or turn giving exceptional levels of grip on dry as well as wet surfaces.
Technology Bi-Compound was invented in 1995 and Michelin R&D continues to improve year after year the performance of this rubber compound and proposes them in many road tyres giving the benefit of this technology, for maximum of grip and resistance to wear for the demanding cyclist.
About Michelin
The rich history of Michelin tyres began in 1891, with the invention of the first demountable tyre for bicycles. Over the ensuing years, Michelin has never stopped technological innovations for bicycles, such as the first flexible-bead clincher in 1978, the first tyre with a high-density carcass in 1983, and the first tyre with a high-performance silica rubber compound in 1995. In 2000, Michelin introduced the first tubeless tyre for mountain bikes, and has been testing tubeless road tyres in competition since 2003. Riding with total confidence in your tyres means that grip and safety must be optimal under any conditions, in extreme weather or at high speeds. It’s why year after year Michelin introduces technological innovations and develops products with ever-higher performance. Nowadays, the development of bicycle tyres benefits from the same research methods used in designing tyres for Formula 1 and even the space shuttle. Michelin is the only manufacturer developing tyres for such diverse R&D environments. At Michelin they are more than just a tyre manufacturer. They are a community of men and women committed to social responsibility. Below are examples of how they strive to reduce our impact on the environment while delivering greater value, riding pleasure and security.
  • Type: Clincher
  • Lower rolling resistance, better resistance to wear and better grip thanks to the Bi-Compound technology
  • In the centre of the tread the rubber mix offers more rigidity and on the shoulder areas more grip
  • Better protection against the punctures in the tread area and sidewalls thanks to a High Density protection ply which is laid from bead to bead
  • Anti puncture ply with HD Protection laid bead To bead: +40 % better resistance to punctures on average (1) compared to the main competitor!
  • Tread area is a “Bi compound”
  • Lateral tread width optimised for improved grip when cornering
  • Enhanced grip:- + 15% grip Vs Krylion
  • Weight: 225g / 285g
  • Casing: 3x110 TPI
  • HD Protection Bead-to-Bead protection

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93% reviewers would recommend this product.

Great tyres

I've had these tyres on my bike for about 1,500km now. I recently rode the 200km Alpine Classic event and had supreme confidence in all facets of the tide - flat, climbing and descending Alpine roads. I'm so happy with them, I recently purchased another pair to have on hand for when I finally wear these out!


Michael W

Racing armoured tyre.

Have you been experiencing multiple punctures recently during your training?...and you feel you wanna shred your tires into pieces and have them with your most hated soup. Don't do that!! Those tires belong to your turbo trainer. Michelin Pro4 Endurance is meant for your rough Malaysian road.



The best gran fondo tyre!!

Put the tyre on my 13kg steel bike and happily rolling at the average speed of 30km/hr  in my first century ride. gives you science, gives you value.



Great tyres!

Tho they are a tad heavier than training tyres, they haven been running well for a couple of hundreds of kms without a puncture. They grip well in both dry and wet weather (please wipe the wax coating off when you first mount your tyres or have them run in first in the dry!).

No cuts seens so far from the countless number of holes and stones I’ve ran over.

Would definitely recommend these tyres as training/race tyres!




ロードバイクの色にあわせ「Black/Red」を購入。Michelin - Pro4 Service Courseと比べると、重量はカタログ値ではこちらのほうがやや重いようだが、気にならないレベル。耐久性は抜群です。



Value for money

Value for money.Good for dry road.Got color to chose from too.



value for money

great grip on road wet or dry,makes me more confident



Fast and reliable

I use my bike to commute and train, these tyres are great for both. Reliable for commuting and fast for training.  Great all rounder and confidence in using them. Highly recommend.



Excellent value tyre with great performance

I’ve tried Maxxis, Vittoria, Conti’s and Schwalbe and to be honest as a bigger rider (100kgs) they just don’t compare to these.  I have found these tyres to be increadibly robust and far less prone to punctures, I virtually always wear them out rather than tossing them after the first few rides.  It’s interesting as I only ride Maxxis on my mountain bike but no the roadie these tyres are my go to for great performance and reliability



will buy again

these tyres just feel good on the road, i like them


Linc Kelly

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