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Returns & Warranty

Returns & Warranty
We love online shopping.


But we also know that one of the hardest things about online shopping is making sure you get the right product. Before online shopping came around, we all used to try things on, or see the colour or be able to test it out a little before committing to buy. And all of us here at Cycling Express are no different.


That’s why we try to make our returns as easy as possible.


In short, when you buy a product from us, if it’s not what you wanted then all you need to do is complete the online returns form, after which our Returns Department will contact you to help you send it back to us so they can then confirm that it hasn’t been used and abused (and that it’s still in its original packaging).  Then we refund your money so you can happily repurchase the correct product.


That’s right, just two easy steps: The online form and send the product back.


To access the returns form, you simply need to find the corresponding order number in the My Account section of our website. (Check the confirmation email we sent you when you placed the order.)  


Once you click on the link to look at the order, you will see a list of everything we sent you. 


On the right hand side of the order, there is a button for returning goods (you can return one of the items, or the whole order if you need.)  This button will open a form for you to complete – we just need some basic information about why you’re returning the goods. It’s nothing major; we just want to know how to communicate about our products better.


Once you’ve submitted this online form, you will be sent an email confirming the start of the returns process and the details of the return. Just print out this email (returns documentation and include it in the package with the goods.)  

Postage Costs on Returned Items
If the reason for return is the fault of Cycling Express, we will bear all return postage costs. If it is not our fault, we can’t help you cover the cost of the return. For most items, you can send them back to us through the post office. Unfortunately complete bikes and frames are too large so we will send a courier to pick them up from you. We will contact you to arrange this and we will deduct $99 from your refund to cover the cost of this.
Warranty Returns

Most of the time something you buy works fine but sometimes you are unlucky and get a faulty product. If that happens, we will do our best to help you out. The first thing you need to do is send us an email at and be sure to include a description of what happened and some photos of the parts that failed. We can usually assess if it is a warranty case by looking at the photos.


Please be aware that Cycling Express can not take any responsibility for or offer any compensation for goods that were damaged when being shipped to us for warranty, return, refund or exchange. Please ensure the items are properly packed so they won't be damaged during transit.


If it is a case of warranty replacement, we will ask you to send it back to us. Once we receive it, we can send you a replacement or store credit, according to our discretion. We can only cover the cost of shipping the product back to you.


We have done our best to make returns and warranty cases easy and clear. If you have any questions, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to clear up any questions you have.